- Le Duc or Rouzaire camembert, or 200g talegio  (what ever in stock)
- Pack of GF crackers and possible bread sticks
- Small jar of marinated feta or goats cheese (source somewhere, truckle?), this way it will keep and we can just slap it in.
- 200 grams of cornichons (plastic ramekin with fondrus sticker
- Jar of mixed olives 200g - could do in house after buying bulk, or ask Briana’s step Dad, Mark Linardi who grows them on the place where the wedding is? I am speaking with him tomorrow, he also has olive oil
- Jar of chicken liver pate (have emailed a melbourne mob about it, keeps for ages in the jar, or alternative we could get Auntie Sal to make it, and we could freeze it (it freezes well)
- 2-300 grams of comte or or pleasant ridge reserve